Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Belt Week!

Next week I am guest posting over at Abby’s blog Sew Much Ado for her Copy-Cat Challenge going on.  Be sure to check out the details.  There will be some lovely prizes and guest bloggers!  I decided that I wanted to make a belt for my guest post. 

While getting supplies for that belt, I decided I’d like to do a belt week and just bang out the rest of the belts that have been in my mind for a while.

belt week button

And guess what?  We are going to do a LITTLE contest with it.

I will be the only judge, and the prizes will be much much smaller this time, but still, free Amy Butler Patterns??? 

I actually contacted them for Purse Week, but I didn’t do it soon enough. They were so nice and still contacted me about it and even though Purse Week was over, they still sent me some patterns for any future contests I have on my blog.

So rather than be tempted to keep them all myself, we will just have a little contest for my favorite 3 belts, that you add to the Belt Week flickr group.



1) Belts can have been made ANYTIME.

2) Belts can be made by knitting, sewing, crocheting, anything. 

3) Remember that pictures matter a whole lot in the judging process!!! 

4) You may only enter a maximum of 2 photos per entry.

5) You may have a total of 3 separate belt entries. 

6)  You may start entering your belts now—just add them to the Belt Week flickr group.
7)  If you used someone else’s tutorial, then you need to credit them in your description on flickr.  You are welcome to link to your post with your belt in it.

8) Entries are due by Friday night, November 12th, 11:59 pm, MST. 



Monday, November 8th, we will have a link party for any belts you’ve made, along with a round-up of belt tutorials.  The link party will go throughout the week.

Tuesday through Friday will consist of 4 tutorials for belts. 




*First place winner will receive their choice of any 3 patterns you see above.

*Second place winner will receive their choice of any 2 patterns of the 3 remaining after the first place winner chooses.

*Third place winner will receive the remaining pattern after the other winners have chosen.


Belts are such a great way to liven up your clothing.  They can be very inexpensive to make as well, so that is part of the reason why I wanted to do a belt week!